The Last Organism is far from being the last organism on Earth, but it is the last of its kind. A peculiar creature, it buzzes and glows, has an active imagination, and has somehow found that elusive balance between rest and curiosity. Constantly on the move, The Last Organism has no eyes, legs, nor an antenna to speak of...instead it relies on a sense that many humans seem to have forgotten about: intuition. Yes, intuition, that gut feeling in the pit of your stomach, or the butterflies you feel flapping their wings whenever a certain individual comes near. It’s this same intuition that has kept The Last Organism and all the Organisms before that alive for millennia. 


"Intuition?" You may ask. They eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; passing the wisdom it holds through their mouth, down their digestive tract, and on to their offspring. It’s what keeps them grounded, present, and ready to live in the moment, and every moment after that. Though intuition is a little hard to find sometimes, it can be enigmatic and even mysterious to some, the truth is that it resides in all of us —at all times. It connects everything on this planet; every past, present and future thing needs intuition. Our first instinct is to look to our past to tell us about our future.


So? Where does it come from? Well, that’s for you to find out. In a place far far away, at an unspecified time, the designers of Barnard came across The Last Organism and were impressed by its structure and resilience, how had it survived all these years? So, they decided to open it up and see what’s inside. They learned a lot, but there is still much unknown about this creature and its origins, and they’re hoping that you can help fill in the blanks.